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Helsingborg is uniquely placed at the narrowest part of the Öresund.

Relax on the kilometre-long sandy beaches, or splash around in one of the three open air swimming baths. Take in the beautiful city centre with its medieval buildings, majestic boulevards, colourful shopping streets and internationally renowned cultural institutions like the Concert Hall (Konserthuset), the City Theatre (Stadsteatern) and Dunkers Culture Centre.

Helsingborg is in the middle of Sweden’s pantry. Fish and shellfish are fresh from the sea, and the fertile plains provide grain, vegetables, meat and dairy products. It’s no wonder Helsingborg has more eateries than most Swedish cities, with a range that includes everything from award-winning gourmet restaurants on the seafront to affordable falafel places in the lively Southern parts.

If you think quality of life is all about adding that bit of extra spice you won’t be disappointed. Helsingborg is full of local artisans who specialize in the pleasures of the palate. The city boasts an award-winning chocolaterie and a liquorice factory for exclusive taste buds.

Once you’ve done the city and its attractions, there are all kinds of outdoor activities to choose from nearby. Sofiero Castle and Garden, Fredriksdal Open Air Museum, the Botanical Garden, and the city’s many parks offer some picturesque nature experiences. Walk among the beautiful flower gardens, labyrinthine gravel walks and well-cut hedges, or head for the deep gorges and vast meadows.

Longing for adventure? You’re not far from Kullaberg’s nature reserve and Söderåsen’s National Park that attract bold climbers, divers and canoeists – and are excellent places for quiet walks in untouched countryside.

You can walk from the south to the north of the city in just 20 minutes. And the beaches are just a stone’s throw from the centre. Denmark is only a twenty-minute ferry ride away and you’re a short car, bus, train or bike ride away from wild nature.

Welcome to Helsingborg!

Castles, gardens,  animals or museums?
Helsingborg offers plenty of activities and attractions – historical monuments, exotic animals and stunning nature. You can attend a concert, visit Fredriksdal open air museum and visit the exhibitions at Dunkers Culture Hall.

No visit is complete without a major shopping spree and u suitcase full of bargains. Helsingborg offers shopping for all tastes and budgets. In the city you can find both High street fashions and luxury brands. There are plenty of restaurants and cosy cafés   all over the town.
Just north of the city you  will find Väla shopping centre.
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5 popular attractions
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Elsinore (Helsingör)

On the Danish side of Öresund you will find our twin city Elsinore.
it is a small Danish city with an old and interesting history. A walk around in the city center with very nice old houses, cosy lanes  is strongly recommended.

Kronborg Castle is a must with its connection to Hamlet. On the way to Kronborg Castle you should make a stop at the very exiting maritime museum, M/S Museet for Sjöfart. You have to look out so you don´t miss it because it is underground.

The main shopping street passes through city centre. The whole centre is a walking area.
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Ferry service
Between the two cities there is a Ferry service departing every 15 minutes from Helsingborg C. You can buy tickets at the Ferry terminal. The crossing takes about 20 minutes, and that is enough time for a nice lunch on the Ferry.
IMPORTANT NOTICE! When travelling between Sweden and Denmark everyone must always carry a Passport or an EU Id-card.

10 Restaurants
Helsingborg offers a varied range of restaurants, tapas, fine dining or burgers; what are you up for?
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