Arrival by Air
Coming from abroad the most convenient airport is Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen. After passing the customs you are entering the arrival hall. Go straight ahead passing the check-in counters. Then you will find a ticket office and ticket machines. If you prefer to use the ticket machines you have to find one named SKÅNETRAFIKEN. There you can by a one way ticket to Helsingborg C and pay with cards. You shall use the option via the bridge and if you are more than one you should buy a ticket including all of you. That will reduce the cost. Then go to Plattform 1 and enter a train bound for Helsingborg C. Train frequency is 20 minutes and the journey will take about one hour.
If you prefer to fly   to a Swedish airport you should fly to Helsingborg/Ängelholm Airport and then take the bus to Helsingborg C. You buy the ticket from the driver.


Arrival by Car

Coming from Denmark you shall follow the road E20 passing Copenhagen, over the bridge to Malmö and then continue on E20 (direction Göteborg) to the first crossing bound for Helsingborg. Follow the road for Helsingborg C.


Arrival by Train

The trains from abroad arrives at Copenhagen C. There you have to change to a train to Helsingborg C.